Angelina Villalobos, pseudonym 179 grew up in Seattle, Washington within a mosaic of cultures and ideas. Having been raised Americanized Mexican Catholic, Angelina’s work mixes the elements of her upbringing along with her interests to create a very unique style exclusive to her personality. The inspiration for her body of work are stories humans have created to explain the unknown; tales about animals and their wit especially peak her interest. In combining these elements, Angelina creates a fairy-tale land filtered through the eyes of an anime and comic book lover.

179's work has been featured for campaigns including International Women's day for Microsoft and the launch of their Surface Pro.  Recently 179 traveled to Russia as a cultural ambassador teaching street art and muralism for a US funded program called Next Level. 179’s work is featured in Seattle’s largest mural collection called Sodo Track and has been interviewed for several online and paper periodicals.

If you'd like the community work I do, please consider supporting my work by purchasing an original piece of 179 art. 

Blog www.onesevennine.com Portfolio  www.angelinavillalobos.com • IG @onesevennine

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